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Full board includes full use of all facilities, hay, pellet grain, worming every 6 weeks, weekly bran mash, daily cleaning of stalls, buckets scrubbed regularly with fresh water daily, supplements given as specified by owner, and blanket removal/changing when needed. Horses are fed twice daily (and lunch grain if needed) and given ample amount of hay, turned out daily and brought in nightly during inclement weather or when specified by owner. Horses are turned out in groups of two or three but private fields can be arranged upon request. We pride ourselves in horse care paying attention to each horse individually and assuring they get the best care possible.

Self-board, semi-board (partial board) and field board includes full use of facilities with storage area for feed and tack. Please call for more information on semi-board.

Our Facility includes:

Our farm farrier comes every Tuesday and there is a farm vet available on call at all times.

14 turnout paddocks (some with run-in sheds) cleaned regularly and dragged to the level footing. Water to all fields is easily accessible from multiple water faucets on the property. Run-in sheds are bedded in the winter for warmth and comfort. Each field includes hay feeders to keep the hay dust-free, off the ground. Field water tubs are filled daily, monitored throughout the day and scrubbed regularly.

Lighted tack room with wooden storage boxes, saddle racks and bridle racks for each boarder and a toasty pot belly wood stove to warm your toes in the winter. Tack room also includes a refrigerator in the summer and a microwave in the winter.

Indoor arena slightly larger than 20m x 40m and and outdoor arena slightly larger than 20m x 60m. The indoor includes great footing that is dragged daily and leveled when needed. It also has mirrors and is equipped with lights and a watering system. The indoor is kept dust free with horse safe salt added to the footing. Doors are fully operating and are able to shut in the winter or can be left open in the warmer weather. The outdoor arena is a short walk out back and is also dragged and leveled regularly. Some jumps are available to be set up and taken down at your preference. Both rings are marked with Dressage letters.

Covered bridge from barn to indoor arena keep you dry in inclement weather...

Wash stall with multiple tie points and hot/cold water.

800 acres of trail riding in the beautiful Bear Swamp Natural Area. Bear Swamp Natural Area.pdf

Farm also includes the main barn, a round pen and pipe pen stalls attached to outside of indoor (mainly used for storage). More pictures to come, please check back soon!